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The Dixon Historical Society strives to protect, preserve, and promote the history of Dixon and its surrounding areas by honoring its first inhabitants, The Wintun/Patwin native peoples, the Spanish and Mexican governance of this area, along with the pioneering families and various cultural groups who later settled here. We are a 501(c)(3) membership-based organization that contributes time and resources to interpret and sustain local history, and to provide community outreach through museum exhibits, lectures, events, research, publications, and educational activities, in order to ensure a legacy that will enrich the lives of present and future generations.


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Born and raised in Dixon, Kim Schroeder-Evans appreciates her familial history.  Like most immigrant families who come to the U.S. for a better life, hers was no exception.  Her father's family came to Dixon from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in 1860 in search of work.  Her mother's family came to Dixon from Scotland (via Tennessee) in 1917 in hopes of a better life.  As Interim President, Kim spends her time helping to plan programs for the quarterly meetings,  educational outreach and community outreach.  If you have any topics of interest that you would like to learn more about through the Dixon Historical Society, please email

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I am a 5th generation resident of the Dixon/ Silveyville area. My families came from the Schleswig/Holstein area of then Prussia and later Germany. Married to Kathy for 54 years, and we have been blessed  with 3 sons, 3 grandsons, and 3 granddaughters who live in Dixon.  I would love to see them take interest in the history of Dixon as they get older.  My interest in history started with U S History in Dixon High School and continued throughout my life. I was too busy farming and never thought of joining the Dixon Historical Society until around 2008 when I was retiring from farming. About that time Ardeth Riedel asked me to be her VP.  She said there wasn't much for the VP to do, so I said "Yes, I'll give it a try." Little did I know she was setting me up for the "Big Job.” Some of my accomplishments include getting the Dixon Public Library to digitize and index the Dixon Tribunes, and I have digitized most of the grammar schools and all the high school yearbooks, up to 2018. I’ve enjoyed working with the DHS Board and am proud of finally accomplishing what so many before us had always wanted--the Dixon History Museum.

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My family arrived in Dixon in 1917 and my husband Syd’s in 1860 in the Silveyville area.  Dixon’s 1940 population was approximately 1,100.  By the 70’s, Dixon’s population had increased to 5,000.  Feeling that the City was overpopulated, we moved to the Silveyville area to raise our children.  Our home is where the Silveyville hotel once stood which was also a stop for the stagecoach and Pony Express on their way to San Francisco.  I was employed by Armour and Co. (formally Mace Meat Co.) as the Director’s secretary and accounts payable bookkeeper until 1969.  I retired in 2007 from UC Davis as the Business Office Manager and Financial Officer for The Center for Health and Environment and the Ag Health and Safety Center.   With the opening of the Dixon History Museum, we can document, preserve our history and have educational events for our children and the community.   

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I grew up in Dixon and am part of a long line of Dixonites by the name of Sievers. I have always felt a very strong connection to this community because of our long history here.  Being able to share the rich history of Dixon and the stories of the people in it through the Dixon History Museum is very rewarding.




After a 38-year career in human resources management with the State of California, Maria has settled down to retired life, except when she and her husband, Joaquin, are off exploring new parts of the world.  She was born (in Dr. Long’s downtown office) and raised in Dixon.  She earned her B.S. in Business Administration from CSU, Sacramento, and soon afterward married Joaquin and had her children, Amanda and Esteban.  She is dedicated to preserving and documenting not only her family’s history, but also that of her beloved hometown.

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Carol Abrams is the Hospitality Representative for the Dixon Historical Society. Carol has lived her entire life in Dixon. She was born in Dixon, got her education in Dixon, married in Dixon, raised her family in Dixon and continues to be an active member of the Dixon community. Carol’s family and extended family includes 9 children, 27 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Most of her large family has also lived in Dixon their entire lives. Carol supports the Dixon Historical Society as the Hospitality Chair, which involves planning refreshments and supporting ongoing work. 




I love Dixon! I have so many fond memories and am so honored to volunteer at the Dixon Historical Society & Museum.  I serve as a docent, membership chair, and assist in planning Coffee Hours. My 3rd great-grandfather, William Johnson (1827-1911), emigrated from England to the United States in 1870.  William came to the United States through San Francisco. He and his first wife had twelve children. Within two years of coming to the United States, William Johnson bought a ranch in Maine Prairie, CA. After leaving Maine Praire, CA, William purchased a ranch south of Dixon, where he lived for nearly forty years.  He had been married three times, outliving all of his wives.  

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