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Slide Shows of Dixon Notables.

Notables Intro.

In the later 1800"s (we're working on determining more precise dates), a series of promotional posters was produced in Dixon and Silveyville Township featuring the photographs of Dixon's notables. Photography was an expensive rarity in those days so photographic images guaranteed you would be noticed as a "someone" so those that could afford the subscription fee could get their photographic picture on one of these posters.

Our Historian, Bill Schroeder, has a collection of five of these posters featuring some 146 Dixon personalities of various occupations. Below we present five slideshows of these personalities. The slides present the individual's name and as much biographical information as we have on this gentlemen. (And while we're on the subject, only men are featured on these posters.)

Following, when completed, will be five slide-shows presenting Dixon notables of the late 1800's. Each of the slides  depicts the notable personality with their name, occupation and a short biographical sketch, if we have such information. You must consider this a Work In Progress as researching each individual will be a time-consuming process. The pictures, with name and occupation, are taken from contemporary posters that were published at the time and circulated in Dixon. The personalities on each of the posters seem to have been selected because of the similarity of their line of work; for example, the first slideshow presents 20 men who were either directly or indirectly associated with farming. Subsequent posters, containing 20 to 30 men are segregated by their professions. While we don't know for certain in these cases, the individuals portrayed usually paid to have their pictures included on such promotional materials. [You don't really think they dressed this way when they were working in the fields?]

Now, here's the interactive part: since we don't know much about most of these august individuals, all men by-the-way, we are soliciting any information that you, our historically knowledgeable and interested website visitor, might be able to provide on these or any other interesting, famous or noteworthy individuals of the period. Our Historian, Bill Schroeder, at his sole discretion, will verify the information provided and the person contributing the best or most authentic information will be awarded an item of their choice for sale at the museum. 



Slideshow #1 Dixon Notables [Sikes]

Our first slideshow of distinguished Dixonites of yore is of 20 Farmers and Agriculture-related gentlemen.

This is the Poster #1 from which the following 20 individuals were taken.

01-Bill Schroeder Collection-early farmers photos_edited.jpg
Slide Show 100 Dixon Notables.


Slideshow #2 Dixon Notables. [King]

This is the Poster #2 from which the following 20 Dixon Notables were taken

01-dixon farmers and bussinessmen  4.jpg


Poster Two From wWhich the Following twenty Dixon Notables were taken.

Slideshow #3 Dixon Notables. [Dudley]

Poster #3.

Poster #3 From Which The Following 30 Notables Are Selected.

01-dixon farmers and bussinessmen  3 - Copy (30).jpg

Slideshow #4 Dixon Notables. [N.B.S. Coleman]

This is Poster #4 from which the following 56 Dixon Notables were taken.

5-Poster 4 Dixon Notables. - Copy (51).jpg

Slideshow #5 Dixon Notables. [Acreage & Value]

This is Poster #5 from which the following 25 Dixon Notables were taken.
1-ROSS. Dixon farmers and bussinessmen  1.jpg

Poster # 5.

01-Dixon farmers and bussinessmen  1.jpg
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