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Notable Personalities
Dixon Notable Personalities of the Late 1800's

In the late 1800's, 1870's and 1880's, photography, while still rare, was becoming available and less expensive. Taking advantage of this fact, a number of photographically-advanced firms published "posters" of prominent personages or persons wishing to exhibit their prominence or advertise their commercial existence. The Dixon area was no exception and Bill Schroeder has collected five such posters which we reproduce here. 

A bit of social commentary: it should be noted that there are 156 notable persons displayed on these five posters and there is not one female in the lot. 

On this website, we have gone further than simply reproducing the poster; we have cropped each image from the photographic matrix, photo enhanced the image where possible, added any other information known about the individual and assembled the cropped images into a slideshow.

[Please note that the Slideshow feature does not function when the Website is in the "Mobile" viewing mode of operation.]

There is no commonality of purpose or occupation apparent in the selection of notables for each poster, except for Poster #1 which is almost exclusively farmers. The other four posters display a random mix of personalities, from Priests to Grocers.

If, perchance, you happen to recognize any of these characters and are able to provide additional information for this person, please contact the Dixon Historical Society at

Slideshow #1

Poster #1 from which the 25 Notables, mostly farmers, were taken

1-Bill Schroeder Collection-early farmers photos.jpg

Slideshow #2

This is Poster #2 from which the following 20 individuals were taken

01-dixon farmers and bussinessmen  4.jpg

Slideshow #3

Poster #3 From Which the Following 30 Notables Were Taken

01-dixon farmers and bussinessmen  3 - Copy (30).jpg

Slideshow #4

Poster #4 From Which the Following 56 Notables Were Taken

01-Poster 4 Dixon Notables. - Copy (55).jpg

Poster 5

Poster From Which the Following 25 Notables Were Taken

01-Dixon farmers and bussinessmen  1.jpg
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